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Monday, April 5, 2010

Next Generation Make-up

           The latest craze in make-up today is minerals! Many people have jumped on the bandwagon because they want their skin to be healthy and be able to breathe! However beware of some major brands out there becasue they often contain fillers that are actually skin irritants! While I will not mention those brands by name, I will promote two brands that do not contain the major skin irritant of Bismuith Oxychloride! These two brands are Mineral Essence and Dolce Vanita Minerals!

    First of all, what is bismuith oxychloride? If you have ever worn mineral make-up and had your skin itch, burn/tingle when you sweat, or after a few weeks break out with cystic acne, then flip over and make sure it doesn't have bismuith in it. Bismuith is a filler used by alot of make-up brands and not just minerals. However becasue mineral make-up contains few ingredients, often that bismuith filler is the MAIN ingredient. Bismuith is an INORGANIC pigment used to give make-up a silky feeling and a nice sheen. it is found on the periodic table and the symbols for it are biOCl. Bismuith aslo has to go through many proccess to remove many dangerous elements after harvested, (so it isn't completely pure at this point) before it can be used in make-up.

It can be safe to use bismuith even the FDA approves Bismuith for the skin, but for many people they are allergic and bothered by the high levels in many cosmetics lines. So wether or not your use it, is up to you. Over time Bismuith can be linked to causing cystic acne even if not noticeable right away. Although if you like your mineral make-up and feel unbothered by B.O. than continue to use it, but be aware if your skin suddenly becomes more irritable than normal.

Both Dolce Vanita and M.E. are amazing mineral make-up Comanies who strive to create safe and bismuith free mineral make-up lines. By buffing in their products you can rest assured your skin isnt being filled by uncomfortable ingredients. They have amazing staying power and their eyeshadows really pop! M.E. Was even featured at the LA Make-up Show this last March! So branch out and if you really want to jump on the PURE-Mineral Bandwagon shop these companies!

Happy Buffing!

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