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SydneyAnn and Kelsey Renee~ We have been doing beauty services for four years! We love working backstage and helping someone on their special day! If you have a beauty question please ask us, we'd love to blog about it! We would love to run our own make-up brand one day, but until then we'll stick to talking about all the other beauty brands out there!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blushing Beauties!


    Kelsey and I embarked on a trip to LA back in November together and attended a MAC Cosmetics Class. It was refreshing to be around people as passionate about the make-up industry as we are! One of the main topics was highlighting and blush applications. So instead of keeping these master class tips a secret we thought we would share them with you.

Blushing Beauties:                      
A Lipstick can Duo as your lip color and Cream blush

Finding the right blush for a lot of women can be tough. With so many different products and tools to pick from, a lot of women just skip this step all together. However it is a step to your daily routine that makes an impact. It allows you to look healthy and awake, and keeps you from looking too washed out by your foundation.

How many different kinds of blush are there?

Depending on your application preference all three kinds of blushes look great. Creams can be easier to blend and keep from looking to dry on older skin.    Creams can be applied with your fingertips, a sponge, or a synthetic bristle brush.

Powders are your most commonly used blush and can be applied quickly without much work to blend them in. Powders can be used with both a synthetic or natural hair brush.

A stain forces you to work quickly, but stays true to it's color all day.

So what would work best for you?
Creams work best for older women because they look much dewier and they don't settle in fine lines. 
Stains are great for anyone who is quick at blending and may not have time to touch up during the day.
Powders are great to have on hand and make for quick applications in the morning but also make blending multiple shades together easier and faster.


Tiffany J. MAC senior artistTo make your make-up extra durable, alternate between creams/liquids and powders. If you do a liquid base, than apply a powder blush. Tiffany J. a MAC senior artist, says that by doing so, your makeup can adhere to one another better, making it last longer throughout the day. (Tiffany J.)

Quick tips that make a big impact:

            Always apply blush on the apples of the cheeks and sweep gently up the sides of the sides of your face. People see you from Both the front and your profile so don't make your blush come to a hault as soon as you turn.

           When contouring use a color that has a blue or ash undertone. This will bring out the real colors in a shadow allowing you to look sculpted and not like you have on miles of bronzer.
           Add a hint of glam to your cheeks and dust a bit of sheer-white or pearlized powder on your cheekbones and blend into your sculpting powder. This will make your cheekbones look high and make your face appear thin. 

So go on and get Glowing this Holiday Season,  may your face be Marvelous and Bright!

SydneyAnn and Kelsey Renee

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Youtube Channel

We now officially have a youtube channel. two video reels to show off our portfolio. As we make our climb to starting our own make-up empire, we have to take baby steps, and having a youtube empire is it for now.

Friday, November 5, 2010

We Love

We Come to You!

Have an event coming up that you want to look your best for? We love movin' our Directors Chairs into your bathroom and dollin' you up! Feel like a star, sit in one of our Directors Chairs, and let us do what we do best!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Website!

Hey ladies!

sorry we've been MIA from the make-up world! we are creating our other website and it's taking a while but feel free to check it out!! we'll write again soon on our latest beauty finds!

Monday, April 5, 2010

"The King is Enthralled by your Beauty": Next Generation Make-up

"The King is Enthralled by your Beauty": Next Generation Make-up

Next Generation Make-up

           The latest craze in make-up today is minerals! Many people have jumped on the bandwagon because they want their skin to be healthy and be able to breathe! However beware of some major brands out there becasue they often contain fillers that are actually skin irritants! While I will not mention those brands by name, I will promote two brands that do not contain the major skin irritant of Bismuith Oxychloride! These two brands are Mineral Essence and Dolce Vanita Minerals!

    First of all, what is bismuith oxychloride? If you have ever worn mineral make-up and had your skin itch, burn/tingle when you sweat, or after a few weeks break out with cystic acne, then flip over and make sure it doesn't have bismuith in it. Bismuith is a filler used by alot of make-up brands and not just minerals. However becasue mineral make-up contains few ingredients, often that bismuith filler is the MAIN ingredient. Bismuith is an INORGANIC pigment used to give make-up a silky feeling and a nice sheen. it is found on the periodic table and the symbols for it are biOCl. Bismuith aslo has to go through many proccess to remove many dangerous elements after harvested, (so it isn't completely pure at this point) before it can be used in make-up.

It can be safe to use bismuith even the FDA approves Bismuith for the skin, but for many people they are allergic and bothered by the high levels in many cosmetics lines. So wether or not your use it, is up to you. Over time Bismuith can be linked to causing cystic acne even if not noticeable right away. Although if you like your mineral make-up and feel unbothered by B.O. than continue to use it, but be aware if your skin suddenly becomes more irritable than normal.

Both Dolce Vanita and M.E. are amazing mineral make-up Comanies who strive to create safe and bismuith free mineral make-up lines. By buffing in their products you can rest assured your skin isnt being filled by uncomfortable ingredients. They have amazing staying power and their eyeshadows really pop! M.E. Was even featured at the LA Make-up Show this last March! So branch out and if you really want to jump on the PURE-Mineral Bandwagon shop these companies!

Happy Buffing!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Products that work as two!

Hey ladies!

Benefit cosmetics bronzer-$28
Our make-up tip of the day (or i guess night!) Try benefits Hoola! I reccomend this product becasue it's a great Two-for-one glamor product! Use it on your cheeks and in your crease! Yes a bronzer in your eyelide crease! it creates a gorgeous smokey hue! and surprisingly it's hot with dark purple!

Yes it's a pricey number but you would spend that much on buying a seperate eyeshadow and bronzer anyway!

It's very chic especially as the days are getting warmer!

So go to your nearest Benefit counter, boutique, or sephora and grab yourself this pint-sized-wonder, and look as though you just came back from Vacation! And while your there throw in their "Stay don't stray" a primer for you CONCEALER! yes no more creases ladies! Believe us you will feel like you just won the lottery!
Shop Hoola!

Enjoy looking fabulous!